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RevDasm & RevEngE - Getting Started

Running RevDasm to disassemble a binary file

First we have to find the binary file:

With the fields 'Binary' and 'Start Address' filled in, click 'Recurse' if you need to find more subroutines than the input (which is 6776).

To disassemble that file from that address, click 'Launch RevDasm'.

Running RevEngE with an input file

First, we need to load an assembly file into the decompiler.

The format is: "zol.usub_6776.txt".

'zol' is the program name, usub stands for 'unnamed subroutine' and 6776 is the subroutine's start address in hexadecimal.

Click the 'Launch RevEngE' button to disassemble the file zol.usub_6776.txt into C code, in the black console window.