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Documentation on Symbols File


One thing that makes code easier to read is by naming global variables and functions (and also local variables, but this is not implemented right now). We store this information in a simple symbols file, which is named, eg, 'zol.lookup.txt'. This looks in jobs/zol for that file and reads from it every time you decompile any function. This means you can modify the symbols file any time.

First comes the header:

Next comes a list of function names. On the left is the address (Eg, 10940) and and '=' inbetween that and the name of the function which is at 10940. (Note that #x preceding the number means it is hexadecimal).

We put a blank line to finish:

Then these are the header names:

Finally, here is a sample symbol file for the game Temple of Terror:

#x2007= ReadPPT

10940 = DrawSingleChar
12231 = PrintSaveMsg_SaveGame
15080 = ClearTopScreen

18 = ParsedVerb
19 = ParsedNoun
20 = ParsedWithNoun
8 = ParseInputSuccessful
11 = WordTablePtr_lo
12 = WordTablePtr_hi
11686 = InputWord

15080.LLocal1 = Counter